Book of Leviticus

Moses - 1445-1444 B.C. [Law]

God gives Israel rules to live by and instructions to present themselves holy before Him.The Five Main Offerings (chs. 1-7)
The Burnt Offering (ch. 1)
The Grain Offering (ch. 2)
The Fellowship Offering (ch. 3)
The Sin Offering (4:1;5:13)
The Guilt Offering (5:14;6:7)
Additional Regulations for the Offerings (6:8;7:38)
The Installation and Ministry of Aaron and His Sons (chs. 8-10)
The Ordination of Aaron and His Sons (ch. 8)
The Ministry of the Priests (ch. 9)
The Death of Nadab and Abihu and Attendant Regulations (ch. 10)
The Distinction Between Clean and Unclean (chs. 11-15)
Clean and Unclean Food (ch. 11)
Purification After Childbirth (ch. 12)
Regulations for Skin Diseases (13:1-46)
Regulations for Mildew (13:47-59)
Cleansing from Skin Diseases (14:1-32)
Cleansing from Mildew (14:33-57)
Discharges That Cause Uncleanness (ch. 15)
The Annual Day of Atonement (ch. 16)
Holy Living (chs. 17-26)
Eating Blood Prohibited (ch. 17)
Unlawful Sexual Relations (ch. 18)
Various Laws for Holy Living (ch. 19)
Punishments for Sin (ch. 20)
Regulations for Priests (21:1;22:16)
Acceptable and Unacceptable Sacrifices (22:17-33)
The Annual Feasts (ch. 23)
Rules for Oil and Bread in the Tabernacle (24:1-9)
Punishment for Blasphemy (24:10-23)
The Sabbath and Jubilee Years (ch. 25)
Covenant Blessings and Curses (ch. 26)
Regulations for Offerings Vowed to the Lord (ch. 27)

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